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Wrought I  & Wrought II

Installation in Treacle Well at the Boston Sculptor's Gallery in Boston, MA

Video: Tea & Cake Performance happening with sound by Todd Bowser


Wrought was a two-part installation created for Treacle Well at the Boston Sculptors Gallery. These works were made with methods of removal and reorganization of 4 rolls of floral and toile wallpaper. The wallpaper patterns are removed, separated, and condensed into a mass of growth and color on Wrought II, leaving the solid backgrounds of the wallpaper to make up the form and texture on Wrought I. The two works are separate, but in conversation with each other, like two halves of a whole. Wrought II houses the patterns on 3 objects made entirely of building materials available for d.i.y. home repairs and construction, built and applied in a way that contrasts the monochromatic and airy quality of Wrought I. The show also included works from Heirloom, BELLINGRATH gardens & home, and Italian Flowers.

Tea & Cake

Performance event

music by Todd Bowser

video by Steven Petto

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