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Channeling neurosis and anxiety into busywork, menial tasks, and fussing over trivial duties, I pacify doubt with reverie.  Through labored processes separating decorative print from found objects or casting replicas of household items in paper, I unearth elements of human behavior and emotion through manipulations of the stuff of our past.  A soundtrack of current events that both repulse and rivet my attention has become ingrained in the hours logged in my studio. My process has become a coping mechanism to distract from my frustration, confusion, and discomfort, while also mirroring the cultural tendency to carry on and numb or ignore unsavory realities through mundane tasks and daily rituals.

Trifling with relics of the American Dream I upend antiquated ideals and promises through an endless process of deconstruction and reconstruction, counterfeits and edits.  I face my own dreams, delusions, and desires while scrutinizing impositions on such aspirations through media, advertising, and cultural nostalgia. I witness spectacles of ideal American home life and my view is clouded by restrictions, walls, regrets, contingencies, impossible feats, and contradiction. Appropriating once coveted domestic symbols of beautification and success such as wallpaper, upholstered furniture, and porcelain ware, I survey the cost and absurdity of social climbing through material veils.   Careful extraction of every adornment neutralizes the distinctive qualities of any selected material I engage with.  These altered objects and manufactured spaces seem double edged: dreamlike scenarios that are both familiar and foreign with a frequent shift in mood, a neutered utility, a composite make up, or a hidden hollowness.