My work examines the hidden pressures, values, and power structures taught, enacted, and reinforced through domestic objects and space.  Labored processes unearth the human presence within our material surroundings and explore home as a place that is shaped by our stories and bears witness to our secret lives. Moments where those stories seep through the cracks are probed to reveal what might lay behind the façade.

Long hours of unmaking and rebuilding found materials provide space to examine supposed truths within the domestic sphere. Repetitive processes become internal centering elements to record memories and observations through labor. Carefully extracting every flower from a roll of wallpaper builds a familiarity with the patterned contents that inform its reconstruction.  Time has an unusual presence where the making of a work spans many weeks of meticulous attention, yet the result often finishes in a precarious freeze frame.  These processes pull at the threads of the home as a symbol and envisions the realities of private space.

Invisible elements like suppression or trauma gain a point of entry through approachable items such as a cup or wallpaper. From a carefully curated stock of thrifted items I collaborate with the history of an object: where it came from, who handled it before, or decisions by the designer. Raised to see the possibility in found or unwanted things as a means of survival and play my childhood environment was filled with objects that were handed down, traded, handmade, or upcycled; every curtain sewn by mom, steel furniture made by dad, a dollhouse from old bookshelves.  Coping mechanisms of fantasy and busy hands rear their heads during this time when every moment feels on the brink of calamity.

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