The American Dream and aspirations of comfortable living have never felt within easy reach for my generation, but as a young wife I am the target market for this ideal.  The ubiquitous notion of the American home as a symbol for status, power, and security has led me to examine my own relationship with home and consider the untidy aspects of this place for our secret emotional lives.  Living with and loving others who battle mental illness and chronic pain has complicated my experience with private space.  An increased visibility of unrealistic standards devalues human behavior and imperfection while celebrating a well-constructed veneer. 


Repetitive labor, such as paper cutting or casting, has become a centering element in my process where I can work through frequent moments of illness or stress.  A combination of cast paper sculpture, sculptural collage, and altered objects are my methods for deconstructing domestic vignettes of traditional success and beauty. This labored breakdown of archetypes unveils a rot behind the shiny exterior while mirroring the cultural pressure to gloss over personal turmoil and carry on.  Careful extraction of every adornment neutralizes the distinctive qualities of any selected material I engage with.  These altered objects and manufactured spaces seem double edged: dreamlike scenarios that are both familiar and foreign with a frequent shift in mood, a neutered utility, a composite make up, or a hidden hollowness.

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