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Expecting Company; Battenberg


Hand cut vintage wallpaper, glue, Tyvek

72” H x 156” W x 6” D


Hand cut vintage wallpaper, glue, cast paper

108” H x 26” W x 24” D


Channeling neurosis and anxiety into busywork, menial tasks, and fussing over trivial duties I am caught in a cycle of reinvention and repair.

Two full rolls of vintage wallpaper are broken down by extracting pattern by hand, and reduced to piles of colors and shapes to be reordered into separate collages of its positive and negative components. Through this process the body of the paper is filled with wayward voids and the pattern becomes saturated through the loss of its ground, both misplacing some of their domestic qualities. In the Expecting Company series the negative spaces are joined into a new collaged wall covering of ambiguously shaped papers, while the positive components are condensed to coat cast paper objects that resemble furniture and household decorative objects. The subtitles in the series reference refreshments served when hosting company, but also have associations with battles and conflict.

photos by Matthew Gambier : Battenberg

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