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A Cage No Less

wallpaper, adhesive, Tyvek, cast paper, wood, sound

90” x 120” x 120” installation view University of Northern Colorado's Mariani Gallery

sound by Todd Bowser


I began cutting wallpaper with the unending coverage of the 2016 election and the #metoo movement as the soundtrack to my work day.  I am screaming from the corner and feeling exposed.

"A Cage No Less" is made of two rolls of wallpaper with the flower pattern removed then separated by color into positive and negative elements.  Every extracted floral print coat a series of hollow paper objects assembled in the corner.  A skin of dissected wallpaper backed by Tyvek lines a screen obstructing the arranged objects. A faint collage of recordings plays in the corner that my frequent collaborator, Todd Bowser, made of the deconstruction of the exposed piano harp I cast for the assemblage, furthering the feeling of instability or deterioration.

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