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November 2014
Eastworks Project Space: Easthampton, MA

March 2015
Mill No. 5: Lowell, Ma

Elizabeth Alexander & Alicia Renadette
Sound by Todd Bowser

Excerpt from the press release:

'Both "Merger" and "Merged" are a collection of works that interrogate the multi-layered messages of gender compliance and classist aspirations marketed and exploited by the Wedding Industrial Complex. This exploration has resulted in a dreamscape of decadence and heightened delusions of grandeur. Working in conversation, the artists will present works in a variety of mediums ranging from installation and soft sculpture to collage and food presentations.

Elizabeth Alexander and Alicia Renadette have been psychically communicating through art making while hunched over our worktables in separate cities for the past several years. Both create works using techniques of deconstruction and reconstitution, their patterns and processes often overlap. Last November their work came together in Easthampton, MA for Merger, a show of large site-specific installation, sculpture, collage, and costume. With help from a grant by the Lowell Cultural Council the show is able to travel to the eastern part of the state. Under its new name, Merged will fill the unique spaces in Mill no. 5’s Victorian Lounge with a new take on its first iteration."

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