All Things Bright and Beautiful 

installation view in Paper Routes: Women to Watch at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington DC

cast paper, extracted wallpaper pattern, adhesive, mounted on 8 ply mat board and wood frame

95” x 78” x 124”


When I started working on this piece, the part of the South where I live was either on fire or underwater from various extreme weather events. The existential corrosion I was processing about the state of our country was literally at my doorstep in the form of environmental carnage.

Debris from these storms was collected to commingle with domestic objects in the form of hollow cast paper replicas. One half of the objects have a coating of locta paper that looked to me like a charred or rotten surface. The rest were encrusted in a skin of wallpaper flowers, as if I were bedazzling this debris. Cutouts between the print expose glimpses of the black interior through pattern upon close inspection.